Liederabend Tommy Finke & Almerija Delic

27.01.2018 16h

Opernfoyer – Theater Dortmund

Together with the Musical Director of the Drama Department Tommy Finke and the conductor& pianist Ingo Stadtmüller,  I will present a very special kind of song recital: Opera meets Drama!

The event will take place on January 27th, 2018 at 4 pm in the Opernfoyer of the Theatre of Dortmund.

“Opera meets Drama” will entail interesting musical arrangements with combinations such as Hildegard von Bingen vs. Aha, Mahler vs. Weill, Eisler vs. Ravel, Reimann vs. The Cranberries, L. Cohen vs. Zemlinsky, Berios vs. live electronics and many more. The order of the music unveils a thematical evolution, creating a very special dramaturgy that, thanks to strong contrasts, results in new musical links.
It sure will be an exciting musical journey!



Peter Tschaikowsky

Eugen Onegin

Almerija Delic: Larina

Musikalische Leitung: Gabriel Feltz
Regie: Tina Lanik
Bühne: Jens Kilian
Kostüme: Johanna Hlawica
Dramaturgie: Georg Holzer

So 28.01.2017 15h




Giuseppe Verdi


Almerija Delic: Fenena


Musikalische Leitung: Motonori Kobayashi
Regie: Jens-Daniel Herzog
Bühne: Mathis Neidhardt
Kostüm: Sibylle Gädeke
Dramaturgie: Hans-Peter Frings; Georg Holzer

Premiere: 10.03.2018 19:30h

Sa 10.03. 2018 19:30h
Fr 16.03. 2018 19:30h
Do 22.03. 2018 19:30h
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Fr 20.04. 2018 19:30h
Sa 28.04. 2018 19:30h
Sa 05.05 2018 19:30h
So 13.05. 2018 15h
So 10.06. 2018 18h




Marius Felix Lange

Die Schneekönigin

Almerija Delic: Blumenfrau/Räubermädchen

Musikalische Leitung: Ingo Martin Stadtmüller
Regie: Johannes Schmid
Bühne/Kostüm: Tatjana Ivschina
Dramaturgie: Bernhard Loges; Wiebke Hetmanek


Premiere: 08.04. 2018 16h


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